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Feeling and Looking Younger

After I finished having my kids, I knew that I wanted a mommy makeover. My stomach was in terrible shape, my arms looked completely destroyed, and my legs had been carrying weight for years. I wanted a full body overhaul, so I started by doing what I could to look and feel younger. I started exercising each and every day, and then I worked hard on doing my hair and makeup better. It was amazing to see the difference it made, but I wanted something more. I consulted with a cosmetic surgeon, and I scheduled the surgery that changed my life for the better. Check out this blog for more information on looking and feeling younger.

3 Things You Can Do To Help With Your Lip Injection Recovery

Getting lip injections can be a great thing, especially if you are someone who has small lips and/or if you lips have become wrinkled with age. The lip injections can allow you to have the size of lips that you would like and will make them look very smooth and symmetrical. While the procedure is generally fairly quick and basic, there is still going to be a recovery period that you will need to undergo. Read More