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Feeling and Looking Younger

After I finished having my kids, I knew that I wanted a mommy makeover. My stomach was in terrible shape, my arms looked completely destroyed, and my legs had been carrying weight for years. I wanted a full body overhaul, so I started by doing what I could to look and feel younger. I started exercising each and every day, and then I worked hard on doing my hair and makeup better. It was amazing to see the difference it made, but I wanted something more. I consulted with a cosmetic surgeon, and I scheduled the surgery that changed my life for the better. Check out this blog for more information on looking and feeling younger.

Improve Your Bowel Function To Help You Feel Better During Weight Loss

Losing weight can make you feel good when you look in the mirror, but you also want your body to feel its best. One thing that may negatively affect how you feel is constipation — you may feel bloated and, in some cases, have trouble seeing the signs of your weight loss. Regular exercise, which you're likely doing in an effort to lose weight, is a valuable way to stimulate your bowels and prevent you from feeling bloated. However, if you're constantly making changes to your diet to aid your weight loss efforts, you might encounter some occasion bloating. In addition to consuming more fiber, here are some simple ways to improve your bowel function to make you look and feel slender.

Stay Away From Dairy

While dairy products can provide lots of health benefits, they aren't always the best when you're attempting to lose weight. Many dairy products are high in calories, even if they don't contain added sugars, which can make you struggle to lose weight. Additionally, dairy products will often cause bloating, which can make you feel constipated. The trouble with constipation when you're trying to lose weight is that it can cause you to feel bigger and heavier than you actually are. Staying away from dairy products, however, can be an effective way to improve your bowel function to help you feel slimmer.

Drink More Water

If you're not happy with how quickly your bowels are moving, adding water can help. Drinking water is a good idea during weight loss because it can help fill you up, as well as rehydrate you if you've sweat profusely while exercising. When your digestive system is sluggish, the addition of water can help to break up dense digested matter and propel everything through the digestive system until you can move your bowels. Try to get into the habit of keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day. If you're constantly sipping on it, you'll likely notice an improvement in your bowel function.

Add Healthy Oils To Your Diet

Many people find that a diet high in healthy, natural oils will get their bowels moving. Additionally, many foods that are high in healthy oils provide other health benefits that can nourish your body as you lose weight. Fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds, for example, are all packed with oil that can help you move your bowels regularly. The latter two are high in fiber, too, which provides additional help. If you're having trouble losing weight, you may wish to visit a weight loss clinic, like Laser Aesthetics & Liposuction, for a cosmetic surgery consultation.