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After I finished having my kids, I knew that I wanted a mommy makeover. My stomach was in terrible shape, my arms looked completely destroyed, and my legs had been carrying weight for years. I wanted a full body overhaul, so I started by doing what I could to look and feel younger. I started exercising each and every day, and then I worked hard on doing my hair and makeup better. It was amazing to see the difference it made, but I wanted something more. I consulted with a cosmetic surgeon, and I scheduled the surgery that changed my life for the better. Check out this blog for more information on looking and feeling younger.

Things To Know Before Getting Microblade Eyebrows

Microblading is a new cosmetic procedure that is similar to tattooing. Instead of using a needle to inject ink into the skin, however, microblading calls for the use of a tiny blade to "slice" ink into the skin. The procedure is most commonly used to create false eyebrows since the tiny cuts look a lot like eyebrow hairs. If you're tired of drawing on your eyebrows every day, microblade eyebrows may be perfect for you. However, there are a few things you should know prior to the procedure.

You'll work with your stylist to create the perfect shape.

You might see someone else with microblade eyebrows and think "those aren't the right shape for me." And that's totally fine. It does not mean microblade eyebrows are not for you — just that you would prefer a different shape. Your stylist can work with you to decide on the perfect eyebrow shape before they even touch you with the blade. They can draw your eyebrows on with a pencil or other makeup and adjust them until you're thrilled with how they look. Then, they can microblade right over that makeup template to get the exact same shape.

Your artist will apply a numbing cream first.

Are you worried about the pain associated with microblading? You're not alone. Having your skin sliced, even very shallowly, can definitely be uncomfortable. But artists and stylists who do microblading have a good way to deal with this. They apply a numbing gel to your brow before they begin the process. When you start feeling pain again, you can let your stylist know, and they can apply the cream again. You'll be a little sore after the procedure is over, but this soreness shouldn't be bad enough to keep you from doing the things you love.

The results are long-lasting, but not permanent.

Since tattoos are permanent, people tend to think microblading is permanent, but this is not exactly the case. The ink will fade over time, and when it fades to a level where you're no longer pleased with the appearance, you'll need to have your eyebrows microbladed again. How long will this take? It all depends on your skin type and how dark you prefer your brows. Some people get touch-ups every few months, while others wait a few years between visits.

Now that you know a little more about eyebrow microblading, you can make that appointment and indulge with confidence.

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