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What To Expect When You Have A Blepharoplasty Procedure To Correct Eyelid Sagging And Bags

If your upper or lower eyelids look puffy all of the time, or if they sag and make you look older than you are, talk to your doctor about having a blepharoplasty procedure done. This surgery is also known as an eye lift because it gives the area around your eyes a more youthful, lifted look. Here's what you might expect with the procedure.

Decide On The Work You Want Done

You might want both upper and lower lids worked on, or you may only need to remove the bags under your eyes. In addition, you might want other types of facial surgery done at the same time, such as a neck lift, brow lift, or facelift.

Once your surgeon understands your goals for the surgery, they can plan the procedure and give you instructions for preparing for your surgery, such as stopping smoking and adjusting medicines or supplements that might affect bleeding.

Choose Your Anesthesia

Your doctor will choose the right anesthesia for your medical history. However, you might have some input if there is more than one option. A blepharoplasty procedure is often done with local anesthesia and a sedative. This helps you avoid possible complications of having general anesthesia.

Undergo The Blepharoplasty Procedure

To work on your upper lid, the surgeon usually makes an incision in the fold of your eye so it won't be noticeable. They'll remove excess fat, muscle, or skin so your eyelid is no longer puffy and droopy. The procedure is the same for the lower lid except the surgeon makes the incision under your eyelashes so it isn't seen easily.

After the surgery, you'll go to the recovery area until you're ready to go home. A blepharoplasty procedure is usually an outpatient surgery so you won't need an overnight stay in the hospital.

Enjoy The Results

Your eyes need to heal before you see the results of your surgery. After the blepharoplasty, your eyes will probably be swollen, so you won't be able to notice their improved appearance. Your eye area may also be bruised. You'll probably feel some discomfort too for a few days. Your doctor will send you home with instructions for dealing with pain and swelling during your recovery. You might be limited in your activities for a few days.

It could take a few weeks for bruising and swelling to disappear and a few months for the scars to fade. When you've healed, you should notice wider eyes that have a more youthful appearance. Bags and sagging should be eliminated too. For more information on a blepharoplasty procedure, contact a professional near you.